Buy or Buy Not?

In today's shopping landscape, we often make impulsive purchases without considering if we really need the items, leading to regret and wasted money. We know how it feels like to buy something and regret it later. We have been in your shoes many times. Here at Buy or Buy Not, we have developed a solution to helping people make better purchase decisions.

These questions encourage a thoughtful and rational approach to purchasing, helping you assess the true value and necessity of the items that you are considering to buy. We hope that this helps you make smarter purchase choices and have a happy wallet on money well spent!

Do I really need this?

Consider: Is this purchase out of necessity or out of want?

Can I afford this within my budget?

Consider: What is the cost of the purchase relative to your salary? Is it a significant amount?

Is this the right time to buy?

Consider: Do I have any loans to pay off? Are there any upcoming sales?

Will I use it frequently?

Consider: The more you use an item, the lower the cost during each usage. #girlmath

Do I have space to keep the item?

Consider: Where would you put the item for easy retrieval?